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PSDS - Providing Support for children with Down Syndrome

PSDS provides support for children with Down syndrome and their families. We share experiences and provide a network of support, friendship, advice and expertise.  Our aim is for our children to access the opportunities available to all others.  We believe there to be no ceiling on what any of our children might achieve.

‘This is me’ was produced for our 10th anniversary and is a celebration of our children’s achievements.   The sentiment of the film is positivity, opportunity, hope and aspiration.  Our ambition is that the viewer will look beyond any outdated DS labels and start to see children who have Down syndrome as individuals, each making a valued contribution to their communities.  The film clearly demonstrates the individuality, unique character and personal achievements of each of the children as well as reflecting their hopes and dreams.

The film successfully and powerfully encapsulates our charity’s philosophy; namely that children who have Down syndrome are first and foremost children, living life to the full and doing what other children do:  Down syndrome is just a part of who our children are, not what they are. 

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