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Almost 400 charities entered the awards in 2019. 100,000 members of the public voted. Nearly 10% of those who voted also made a donation. There have been millions of shares on social media. More importantly, we estimate the campaign created an additional ¼ million extra views of the videos that entered, dozens of press stories and in excess of 2 million page impressions related to the awards on the internet.

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2019 Winners

Charity Film of the Year 2019 - Child Bereavement UK #Onemoreminute 

People's Choice Charity Film of the Year 2019 - Cats Protection Kozal's Christmas

Nearly 100,000 members of the public voted for their favourite charity films and our expert judges trimmed the shortlist to a list of finalists. See all the category winners here.


Charity Film Awards in the News 

Charity Film Awards Founder talks to Steven Sukur on BBC World News

The BFI Review of the Charity Film Awards 

Ken Loach has remarked throughout his career that films do not change society, but the films nominated for the Charity Film Awards are having a go at achieving just this, and in many cases successfully. The moving image, since its early days, has been used by charities and other groups as a tool to influence people’s behaviour in a multitude of ways. One of my favourites is... Read More

Interview by London Live with the Friends of Richmond Park

Footage and interviews at the event

The Charity Film Awards were created to demonstrate that in a modern world film-making is the most powerful piece of equipment in the charity communication tool box, to show that the common perception of charities’ video content is incorrect and to praise charitable video that can inspire, incite to action, excite and change behaviour.

The Charity Film Awards is now an established annual event that attracts hundreds of entries from charities, hundreds of thousands of public views and votes, thousands of donations being made to charities that entered, huge PR coverage internationally and millions reactions through social media.

By creating categories based on charity turnover, we were able to judge those with similar budgets on a level playing field. Contact the team to find out more.

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If you are a fan you can nominate a film 

If you do not have authority to enter the awards, but are a fan and would like to nominate a film that has inspired you, then please click here to nominate a film.

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