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Always ethically minded and promoting a responsible approach

We are a not-for-profit company with strong moral and ethical principles. 100% of our business profits go towards supporting local charities and the ongoing maintenance of our Grade II* listed building.

We are committed to being a venue with a strong sense of moral and ethical principles, which translates into all of our day-to- day business operations. In keeping with this, we strive to maintain our 4 core values in everything that we do. Our core values are to be:

Charities we work with: 

St. Vincent’s Family Project (SVFP) operates within Central Hall Westminster and provides direct help and a supportive community to vulnerable local families.

Toilet Twinning - We raised over £21,000, the money raised goes towards projects that provide clean water and sanitation, helping thousands of people in developing countries.

Living Wage - Regardless of whether staff are permanent employees or third-party contractors and suppliers, everyone at Central Hall Westminster will receive at least the Living Wage.

You can offset the carbon footprint of your event?

Using data from our partner Green Tourism, our carbon calculator provides a fast and effective way to predict the carbon impact of your next event – giving you the option to take steps to reduce it or offset it by means of a charitable donation.

If you choose to offset the impact of your event, mention this to your event manager and we will calculate this as a monetary sum that will be added to your final invoice.

The monies raised will be donated to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Their mission is to protect and plant trees and restore ancient woodland for the benefit of animals and people.

For further information please see our carbon calculator webpage.


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