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David Solomon

CEO at Blueprints

As CEO of Blueprints, David Solomon and their team pioneered 50:50 economic development to establish economic justice and secure an equitable share of resources for developing peoples.    Their goal is to disrupt the biggest business globally, economic development.  

Solomon studied Economics & International relations before beginning his career in Fixed Income Business Management at Salomon Bros/Citigroup in 1999.   In 2003 he ventured to the Far East to solve challenges for isolated communities and vulnerable children.  Over the past 16 years as a social entrepreneur he invested in and developed a regenerative model that would break the cycle of dependency to transition challenged regions from AID to abundance.

In 2011, prior to the independence of South Sudan he began working with the govt, tribes and leadership in East Africa.  He co-founded the Nation Building Initiative on three pillars: To Empower, to Liberate, to Produce.  To ensure an equitable share of the resources in developing countries were protected for sustained development of people and ecosystems. Seeing the collapse of South Sudan marked him deeply as to the failures of the economic development model and the dependency created by international aid.

In 2016, Blueprints was launched with KPMG at a summit he co-founded, the Financial Times Global Impact Summit, the mission to establish dignity and justice in economic development.  

How do we get millions of citizens globally to have an equitable share of their own economies? We start in developing economies which have been denied an equitable share, despite the GDP of emerging/developing economies being $33.52 Trillion (IMF). We show how social good and investment returns are correlated at scale, through our very simple ABC model of aligning Assets to Blueprints to Capital.   Recently, World Indigenous Business Leaders have endorsed 50:50 Economic Development as the benchmark for development of their assets.

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