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David Walley

Chief Executive at Mobile Promotions

Over 20 years’ experience as a business leader of some of the biggest companies in the UK and European event services industry. Experience encompasses major sporting, music and cultural events, as well as exhibitions, experiential and themed attractions, with a deep understanding of the Sport and Event market.

Headed some of the most recognisable and established names in the world of events and been at the centre of several of the most significant mergers and acquisitions to have shaped the event industry; forging major deals and working with business owners, banks, venture capitalists and private equity, to buy, restructure, build and develop businesses for the advancement of their clients, their teams and their stakeholders.

A strong team-builder, leader and people person with a passion for the Live Event market, a military background provides a foundation for clear strategic thinking coupled with a belief that people are at their best when they have a strong sense of belonging, community and identity.

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