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A Life of Labour - Child Workers in Nepal

Today in Nepal there are over 2 million child labourers. Forced into work by extreme poverty these children work long hours, doing hard and sometimes dangerous work for very little or no pay.

A Life of Labour highlights the suffering and missed opportunities of child labourers through focussing on the lives of Rajesh and Sunita. Two children we are working with as part of our successful child labour elimination programme.

In a country where one in four live on less than 40p a day, it is common practice for poor families to rely on their children to earn money for the family or to pay off debts.  Parents who have never been to school and are unable to earn a decent wage, condemn their children to a continued life in poverty by denying them an education.  

At Kidasha, we work with child labourers, their employers and their families to improve their working conditions, give them access to education, improve family circumstances and transition them out of work and into school. Every year, we support over 2,000 street and working children and over the last five years we have reduced the number of child labours under 14 in Pokhara by 73%.

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