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Angelman Syndrome - What is it?

What is Angelman Syndrome? The question everyone asks...

When searching online for information about Angelman Syndrome (AS), most results are bleak and don’t represent the overwhelmingly positive perspective most families have. This film aims to provide an uplifting and personal insight into life with AS. It’s an opportunity to use first-hand experiences to reassure families and carers affected by AS on a daiotherly basis. It’s also needed to educate families who have just had a new diagnosis, as well as the general public and medical professionals who are often unaware of this rare genetic disorder.

The campaign is built entirely from footage gathered over a weekend at the Angelman Syndrome Support Education & Research Trust (ASSERT) 2016 conference. Unscripted interviews with families and professionals provided the storyline. Stop motion animation clips are used to emulate the charisma of individuals with AS, who are often recognised or even diagnosed initially by their very smiley and happy behaviour.

This is the first of a series of films that ASSERT is creating about Angelman Syndrome. We, as the filmmakers hold this close to our hearts as our family member, Harvey, also has AS. We hope the films help to raise awareness and provide comfort to families like ours, across the world. 

Produced & Directed by 
Molly Brown,
Lottie Fox-Jones, 
Music by Audio Network

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