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  • Hero Sally Phillips

Things not to say to someone with a brain injury

Living with a brain injury presents a wide range of challenges, but one of the most difficult things for many survivors is the lack of understanding from the people around them. Because of this, people with a brain injury often face comments from well-meaning family members, friends and strangers that only add to the frustration of living with a complex and often invisible condition.


Things not to say with someone with a brain injury is a light-hearted approach to a serious subject. It features a variety of brain injury survivors giving their instant reactions to commonly-heard statements that highlight the general lack of understanding of brain injury, such as ‘I know what you mean – I’ve got a bad memory too!’

The film, which was launched in May as part of the charity’s Action for Brain Injury Week campaign was viewed an impressive 25,000 times on Facebook on the first day alone, with 43,000 views across the week. In total, it has been viewed more than 120,000 times – making it by far the charity’s most-viewed video. Importantly, it also generated intense discussion and interaction, helping to further raise awareness.

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