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A small rural valley in East Uganda is learning from the start-up world how to get funding for their projects. Through pitching their business ideas such as Chicken, the 3D Egg Printer and Chair, the human charging station, the entrepreneurs of Bulambuli Valley are sending a message to the world: don’t just back Silicon Valley, #backourvalley too. 

There are dozens of projects under way in Bulambuli: from pig-rearing to banana growing, clothes tailoring to basket-making. They may not be the technological innovations we so often see filling the pages of Indiegogo. But just like other entrepreneurs, the people of Bulambuli need your support to make their ideas a reality. If you back our campaign, we can provide the entrepreneurs of Bulambuli with the skills, training and support they need to develop successful businesses and build thriving communities. 

For more information about the campaign visit our Indiegogo page You can find more information about who we are and what we do on our website here http://communitiesfordevelopme...

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