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RWD/FWD - The Restorative Justice Council

We all make mistakes. But what if you could go back to make things better? When love is involved an argument between two old friends can escalate quickly, with painful consequences. Alex and Jason's story is one of betrayal, anger and emotion, can you ever put things right when you've hurt someone so much? This film was commissioned by GOOD Agency for The Restorative Justice Council, highlighting their work with young men who have been the victims of or committed a crime. Written and filmed by award winning non-profit social enterprise Fully Focused productions in co-operation with their young team of 16-25 year olds from London's most disadvantaged communities, all of whom are members of this genuinely youth-led media organisation which uses the power of film to transform young lives.

This film was commissioned by GOOD Agency for The Restorative Justice Council and produced by Fully Focused Community Trust.

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